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Annual UGAG Summit

Annual UGAG Summit 1600 900 Aaron


  1. UGAG NRC meeting in Bonn on May 21st, 2022;
  2. 2020 UGAG Cultural Festival will take place and organized with GU Mannheim& Lugwishafen in September 2020;
  3. There is currently WIDU app presentation ongoing by UGAG to all GUs. Organizers are coordinating with Local Union Executives;
  4. Ghana Unions Activities


Ghana Union Kiel Inauguration ceremony

Ghana Union Kiel Inauguration ceremony 4032 3024 Aaron

It was a great occasion.

Meeting with the Embassy

Meeting with the Embassy 2560 1440 Aaron
UGAG Executive Board Meets The Ambassador H.E Mrs Gina Blay

In November 2017, the Ambassodor H.E Mrs Gina Blay invited the UGAG executive board to her Office in Berlin. As a newly appointed Ambassador, she wanted to meet UGAG to discuss issues arising in the Ghanaian community in Germany.
It was a very open and fruitful discussion. She expressed her desire to work closely with UGAG. Her excellency did not break her promises. She has since attended UGAG´s NRC meeting in Mannheim in May, 2018 and has already confirmed to attend the impending NRC in Worms on the 4th of May, 2019.